Evy Jane Gets Closer

Posted by on Apr 15, 2014

Evy Jane finally returns with a new video, being premiered on Dazed today, and inches closer to the release of their second EP, also called Closer, out on Ninja Tune soon (although Deluxe is helping out with the Canadian portion of the release).  For now you can pick up the single on iTunes, or as soon as they list it.

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…in the shade hide the scurrying of pre-sentient electronic creatures.

Posted by on Apr 8, 2014

Illustration by Markus Lovadina

It has been many centuries since humanity departed the planet that bore them. Earth now too harsh to be habitable has been totally abandoned to evolution. Waves of carbonic acid lap up against the glittering green and silver beaches formed by the the dissolution of organic marine life and the discarded circuitry detritus of a millennium of electronics evolution. Beaches rise up through to agate rock steppes formed by layers upon layers of concentric banded geometry. Rivulets of superheated molten mineral trickle and hiss through channels etched in the rock surface. The channels are straight, angled, as if cut by machine and resembling the printed circuitry tracks of the humans’ historic technology.

Further inland the landscape gives way to geysers of molten silicon bubbling at 1400 degrees and thrown into the air where it immediately solidifies into rock. Further on, hanging from the skeletons of crumbling masonry and plasteel, gnarled trunks of copper and aluminium drop down like vines twisted and glowing red hot in the sun. While in the shade hide the scurrying of pre-sentient electronic creatures; cleaners and toys, personal assistants, sexbots and military drones all left behind to evolve or die in the blistering heat.

Even further afield where the climate is slightly cooler dirty yellow volcanic snow-ash drifts down in thick sheets and is blown and hardened into tortured sculptures by the lowered jet stream as a planet slowly converts from Carbon based to Silicon based life.   > > >


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Osaka Invades America

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014

Erik Luebs, aka Magical Mistakes, and two very talented friends have landed in the U.S.A. for a series of shows, catch the dates below.  Joining him are both Seiho and And Vice Versa.  

Erik himself has two EP’s on the way.  First he’s releasing Single Cells on Kill Quanti,  and then a bit later on we have Decompose / Reassemble right here on King Deluxe.  XLR8R posted a track from it recently which you can also hear below…



March 26 – Seattle, WAQ Night Club – w/DJAO, Dial Up crew
March 28 – Los Angeles, CAKing King Hollywood – w/Shigeto, Spazzkid, Eastghost 
March 29 – San Diego, CAThe Hideout
March 31 - Los Angeles, CADublab
April 2 - Baltimore, MAThe Crown - w/Chiffon & Co La
April 3 - NYC – TBA – w/Obey City
April 4 - Oberlin, OHOberlin College
April 5 - Middletown, CT - Wesleyan University

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