alephAleph is 19 year old Ivan Erofeev, born in a Siberian village, now hailing from still-remote Omsk, which he describes as cold and gray, and leads to dreams of living in the wild.

Ivan is classically trained on the violin but enjoys anything that makes sound.  He started writing music from his bedroom computer five years ago, first writing hip-hop instrumentals for friends, and now by his late teens is composing electronic music influenced by others from from his home country and beyond… but it’s unlike anything else we’ve ever heard.







Fourth Way – King Deluxe – 2013

Fourteen Dreams Per Night – Lowriders – 2013
Mucous – Santon – 2012
Ambidextre (w/Clonki) – self-released – 2012
From Chaos To Cosmos – King Deluxe – 2012
Haunt For Little Blind Fish – King Deluxe – 2011