Alphabets Heaven


jonnyHaving self released his album Jay’s Odyssey a few years back and crafting remixes for the likes of Hint, Manni Dee and Shadow Box, Alphabets Heaven is ready to deliver his second EP through King Deluxe: Siamese Burn – following the over looked, beat-driven wonder that was Boosh.

Siamese Burn comes six tracks deep, including a collaborative effort with graphic designer/Jono Macleary album producer Fybe:One, and a remix from King Deluxe regular Julien Mier. Still maintaining his signature sound of what I can only describe as a crossing of synthesis and nature, AH provides us with a record that is perfectly fitting for spring.

The title track remains one of my favourite pieces of music I’ve heard in the past few years, and has been in my sets since he sent it over to me last summer. It encompasses all the best features of home listening, dance music and experimentation into a glittering medley of fluttering percussion, held together with the back bone of filtered atonal chords and booming sub bass.

We are brought down a notch in the middle of the EP, where we see more playful elements of synthesis come in on the sparse and spacious ‘Birthday’. Taking another notch down tempo-wise with ‘Fornia’ and ‘Ivory Heart’, AH takes us on a trip through the deepest caves of wonder. It’s probably not the best way to describe the music and dissect it, but these two tracks are like walking through underground caverns filled with natural treasures, glistening minerals and crystals. If that doesn’t make sense, and you’ve played Ocarina Of Time, think of the Great Fairy Fountains, just on a grander scale. A brilliant effort and an amazing release…  – Deft





Everything Stays The Same 12″ – Black Market – 2014
Everything Stays The Same EP – King Deluxe – 2014
Siamese Burn EP – King Deluxe – 2013
Boosh EP  - King Deluxe – 2012
Rosewater (cassette)self-released – 2012
  Jay’s Odyssey – King Deluxe – 2011






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