The 2999 Project

What do you envision for our future?  Specifically, in the year 2999?  That’s a question we asked a range of electronic producers with this project, to soundtrack the end of the 30th century.  Show us what might be, or what they’d wish for humanity.

To help bring these ideas to life we also have a wide array of illustrators choosing tracks to interpret.  They take the music and the idea and work their magic, and whether it’s what the musician had originally imagined, or not, the results are fascinating.

Below you can find all the incredible collaborations we’ve had so far.  The older ones are free to download, while the new works, starting with Santiago Vecino & A Thousand Years, will be available through our bandcamp.  We’ll continue posting new pieces as they’re completed…






The end of the 30th century. All candidates for resource extraction in the Milky Way galaxy have been colonized and exploited. Lacking the technology to make further expansion profitable, Earth’s energy/tech conglomerates finally collapse.

One by one, exhausted colonies drop off charts of the known galaxy, left to survive on their own.

On the world called Harpoon, once famous for its warm subterranean oceans and titanic oilfish, the abandoned colonists eke out a living amid the ruins of their overconfidence. The bigger fish having long been wiped out, the massive empty refineries now simply stand as a warning: take only what you need.

It is custom that every adult Harpoonean know how to hunt for themselves, and a First Dive is no small thing. This youth has traveled days on foot to complete his rite of passage; and he will spend at least another in the tunnels before he reaches the ocean-caves below. 



Illustration: Maxim “Maximyz” Kozlov
Music: Michael Red
Mastering: Shawn Hatfield
Story: Bevan Bartlett 







Illustration by Markus Lovadina

It has been many centuries since humanity departed the planet that bore them. Earth now too harsh to be habitable has been totally abandoned to evolution. Waves of carbonic acid lap up against the glittering green and silver beaches formed by the the dissolution of organic marine life and the discarded circuitry detritus of a millennium of electronics evolution. Beaches rise up through to agate rock steppes formed by layers upon layers of concentric banded geometry. Rivulets of superheated molten mineral trickle and hiss through channels etched in the rock surface. The channels are straight, angled, as if cut by machine and resembling the printed circuitry tracks of the humans’ historic technology.

Further inland the landscape gives way to geysers of molten silicon bubbling at 1400 degrees and thrown into the air where it immediately solidifies into rock. Further on, hanging from the skeletons of crumbling masonry and plasteel, gnarled trunks of copper and aluminium drop down like vines twisted and glowing red hot in the sun. While in the shade hide the scurrying of pre-sentient electronic creatures; cleaners and toys, personal assistants, sexbots and military drones all left behind to evolve or die in the blistering heat.

Even further afield where the climate is slightly cooler dirty yellow volcanic snow-ash drifts down in thick sheets and is blown and hardened into tortured sculptures by the lowered jet stream as a planet slowly converts from Carbon based to Silicon based life. 


Markus Lovadina
Mastering: Terugklap
StoryAmit Dutta





Creating A God


Santiago Vecino - Creating a God

2053 : The engineered DNA of a thousand species are carefully gathered selected and spliced. 2153 : Raw materials stream inwards from the furthest corners of the galactic spiral. Entire planetary  civilizations are created and left to wither on the back of Her material needs. Construction begins.

2600 : In the massive orbital incubator that now rings the entire planet, microbial proto-liquids bubble, actuators mix and strain, push and siphon. Protein strands dance and knit together on meticulously engineered nanostructure frameworks. Impossibly complex biological structures emerge as a result of the steady diligent pulse of activity. Balance is key and is scrupulously monitored by swarms of nanites that tweak a hundred thousand factors as needed.

2850 : Information begins to be transferred through the amniotic cable. A plethora of civilizations’ knowledge and histories are collected, translated, transmitted and absorbed into Her.

2998.9 : The descendants of Her first acolytes from so long ago ready the final surge of power required for the fulfillment of their ancestors’ vision. They have maintained a millennium of tireless conviction and endeavour out of love and devotion. Now despite all odds they are finally reaching a culmination.

2999 : The entire galactic energy output dims in simultaneous quantum entanglement for a picosecond. Her eyes open and she sees Her children looking upon her in adoration, and in that instant she knows in Her wisdom that they are misguided.


Santiago Vecino
A Thousand Years
Mastering: Shawn Hatfield
Story: Amit Dutta









In the future we will turn Mars, Venus and Mercury into raw matter. Using nano technology we will turn this matter into anything. Atom by atom, we’ll have all the platinum, spaceships, hats and spaniels we’ll ever need.

It will literally rain your favorite food.

In the future we’ll all be broke and billionaires, and there will be no more wars.  We’ll live in the oceans and in the atmosphere and grow fins.  We’ll live forever, have naps for centuries and slide around on talking rainbows.

In the future we will come to realize that our ancient gods were little more then the resonance of our future selves.



Music: Markus Wormstorm
Illustration: Alex Blosyak




missin U



its a soundtrack to someone saying goodbye to someone close to them, as they go off into the sky to be a space travelling sailor in the future. its about sadness but happiness too. in the future.



Music: Slugabed
Illustration: Theo Prins




Gamma Girls




Early in the 30th century, things were looking good for mankind on earth. Through our substantial advancements in technology and engineering we’d pretty much eliminated the threats involved with disease, poverty and the environment. We had cybernetic machines who were more than happy to take care of things for us. Resources were abundant and things were nice. Unfortunately, things were not quite as good on the distant planet of Zorg.

The Zorgons (particularly female Gorgons) are hideous. They’re a grumpy brutal reptile warrior race. Over there, they’ve spent thousands of years fighting and not paying enough attention to the idea of ‘just getting along’. They were quite happy that way too, that is until Zorg’s fragile environment finally caved in. The whole planet went kaput. Nothing grew there anymore, it started to smell bad and the food was rubbish. They were fed up.

The one thing that the Zorgon Empire did have going for them were some awesome laser guns, huge black battle robots with laser eyes and some really cool spaceships from the future. They decided something needed to be done about the smell and the bad food and so took their robot army and embarked on a space mission to look for a better planet than stinky old Zorg. Unfortunately for us, Earth was their obvious choice.

The year 2992 saw the first of the Zorgon attacks. We were too busy watching TV and it took us by surprise. We had become complacent in our own little utopia and had little to fight back with. Before long it was clear that the invasion was a success. The planet became scorched and huge Zorgon robot war machines patrolled the surface amongst the rubbled remains of our industry, forcing what was left of mankind and their machines to retreat underground. They captured many of our women and kept them as pets. Things were in a bad way.

Luckily, we still had our clever machines and immediately set them to work to create a weapon to fight back with, reclaim the earth and extinguish the Zorgon threat. We knew all too well about the affection Zorgons hold for the human female and so used this knowledge in working towards creating the perfect tool for their destruction: an elite cybernetically enhanced synthetic female humanoid assassin, possessing incredible strength and agility and the looks and charm to sneak their way into any Zorgon’s heart before ruthlessly tearing it from their scaly green chest .

The first attempt was rubbish and came out all lumpy; not at all what we had planned. The beta was a lot better, she looked great and was deadly but had a bit of an attitude problem and kept complaining about being bored. The gamma attempt was perfect: a deadly, ruthless and beautiful assassin with light green skin and an intelligence superior to the collective sum of her makers.

The year is 2999. The Zorgons need to pay and the ‘Gamma girl’ is our only hope.



Music: Baconhead
Illustration: Caroline Breault








Thoughts of Blue drift through my mind.  A colour only talked about by the first generation.  They try and describe the ocean and the sky. But without ever seeing these earthly wonders… it’s hard to imagine.  2999 is void of blue.



Music: The Librarian
Illustration: Lake Hurwitz








Everyone has been dead for a long time, the sky is is grey and everything is covered in ash. From the rubble new beings/plants are emerging.



Music: Max Ulis
Illustration: Tyler Fewell




We’re Just Taking It Back




I imagined by 2999 producers turn to outdated equipment from hundreds of years prior that would allow them to extract the audio from their dreams and memories to be used as samples which are cataloged from birth to date on the hardware and do so as a throwback to long lost processing.

This track would have been a cataloged account of a trip to Los Angeles, a picnic at the park, a piano session, and a bunch of ducks/geese eating bread in a lake.



Music: Terminal 11
Illustration: shichigoro-shingo




Storm The Castle With 8bit Forks




This song is about the eruption of some sort of AI being that begins to assimilate and transform a stagnant future culture, forming new novel architectonic mechanisms that tower over the dismal strip-mall world abandoned by future generations.



Music: Strangeloop
Illustration: Matei Apostolescu




Interstellar Blackspot




The year is 2999, tremendous advances in technology have allowed mankind to travel to the farthest reaches of the universe, it is hailed as mankind’s true era of exploration.

However; the Milky Way lies in ruins after a 300 year war which saw earth nuked until nothing was left but molten rock and massively intolerable levels of radiation, the whole galaxy is plagued with dimensional wormholes and strange magnetic fields which make it an interstellar blackspot, or the bermuda triangle of the universe.

Elsewhere humanity inhabits many other planets filled with alien life where culture and music continues to thrive, interstellar raves are held every weekend at incredibly beautiful places, sometimes on planets or sometimes in space with zero gravity.



Music: Acre
Illustration: HappyMorningStar




Into The Garden






At the start of the 21st century it was often perceived that technology would become so advanced and integrated into every part of our lives that we would eventually come to live in a cold, sterile and dark future where the sound of the wind would be replaced by the hum of electronics. This image nearly became a reality until the change. The biological reclaimed the technological. Earth was renamed ‘The Garden’. All living things adapted their electronic counterparts and became symbionts on the molecular level. They became one. Evolution took a radically different path and has been accelerated exponentially to the point where now no two generation are the same.

Humans no longer exist as we know ourselves today. We see the world through new eyes and the time of the separate identities – biology / technology – man / machine – is told like a fairy tale. There is a much greater understanding between all living things but the world is by no means a peaceful place, it merely exists in a balance which has never been seen before. There are still distinct groups of ‘humans’ that live separately from one another. Some choose to let their biological side define them; some choose to employ more of technological side. Some intentionally meddle with their own DNA and turn themselves into things which are indescribable. There is one other group that no one is quite sure whether or not they still exist. They are the remnants of the time just after the change and live in shadow. Nothing more than stories about them surface from time to time. So it is said that their eyes appear out of the dark and silence falls all around.

The complexity of The Garden must be seen to be believed. It is beautiful, dangerous, consuming and alive.



Music: Raffertie
Illustration: Caio Locke




You Berg




In the year 2999, a robotic race of androids, on board an elegant joy riding sea vessel on Earth’s flooded surface, repeats the legendary tragedy of the Titanic by striking an iceberg. The frigid water temperature freezes circuits and triggers a sudden, almost human response in the androids, that they too have over-estimated their intelligence and power ;  They too are being punished for arrogancy, celebrating their supposed elite status over the power of the truly eternal mother nature. The cold irony of the human race’s mistakes creeps over them as they drift silently to the oceans depths. The slow and subversive robotic takeover of mankind has fallen victim to its own devices. You are so cold.



Music: Longwalkshortdock
Illustration: Daniel Bartle

Also the subject of a remix album…



Theatre of BB7




Mr. Fjeldhav (denne du ofte vil referere til som mensk) sits in front of an old Sansapparatur, sensing (omhandlende en slags perception) the sittings of other beings. The this, form Sansapparatur displays, rec., feelings created by a substance of the past (set Uma in 56Cr.e) called ‘Time right?’ og/eller ‘spraglet finmekanisk igangsaettelse’. Mr. Fjeldhav becomes aware of being stuck in a number, and imagines himself pushing a button your shirt, wich lets him pass on to these this, form air-filled enviroments (saasom Sverige 1986), in wich he becomes capable of detecting variations in the air, causing sounds like these (listen to recording) to reach his this, form basilar membrane (netop dette unikum af overstaaet kortdistancereglement).

The track will consist of following elements:



Music: Vebak
Illustration: Govan Basson




The Great Escape


Matthew Scheuerman-The_Great_Escape


They say History repeats itself. In the Year 2999 this is true. However it is not necessarily any specific events of our past that spin on this cycle, but the cultural traditions and expectations that give life to them.

In the same way a Blacksmith, shepherd or merchant might hand down his legacy to be entrusted to the generation below, in 2999 an Inmate’s child is born into an indisputable future behind bars, regardless of whatever the long forgotten family crime of generations ago was, its files long since burnt, perished or deleted.

This bastardized tradition works the same for those on the other side of the bars, born with a truncheon in the hand and a violent lust for elitism.

The only legacy the prison folk can pass on to their young is a Thousand years of anger and more than twelve Generations of inherited Escape instinct.

This track is dedicated to all those who will lose their lives to advance their family’s knowledge of their Captors, and the skills needed to attempt an escape.



Music: Titus Twelve
Illustration: Matthew Scheuerman








A soaring spaceship, searching.  With the target found, beams of light surround; the found target is wubducted from below.

Tied down with strange characters probing, ears clouded with extraterrestrial interference.  Zipping, winding, floating, blinding.  Laser fails and sent into a swirl.

A short, woozy break; soon enough buzzes bewailing again from above.  More tension builds from the unknown but soon ablow to tranquilize the senses.

Awakened as sedatives wear.  Boom and blare return, black out, then send floating down the river.



Music: Auditory Aphasia
Illustration: Peter Popken




Lazer Furniture Designer




In the future, we understand only the lazer. Polar ice cap melting has caused massive flooding, leaving very little dry land left on the earth, less than 10% of what there was 1000 years ago, most of it infested by vermin and disease, or guarded by heavily armed zombie aristocrats.

Giant squids control most of our planet, at least the watery regions we have now been banished to. They have evolved beyond humans and communicate by color change. Tentacle rape is a daily occurrence on the ocean front, tho not always unwelcome. Interspecies crossbreeding has so far been unsuccessful, though there are rumours of bastard mutant half breeds being born in the polluted ocean depths.  Squids dissect and experiment on humans in their labs on the ocean floor. Young uncalcified human pineal glands fetch a hefty price on the squid black market. You can sometimes catch site of a squid in the throes of a pineal trip, oscillating between floating languidly along the surface like so much jetsam and flailing it’s arms wildly while changing it’s skin to a pink and white dotted formation which seems to breathe along with the waves.

While some of us have begun to evolve flippers instead of arms to deal with our new habitat, it becomes necessary for the rest of us to build more land, usually out of water that we have molecularly altered to stay solid at temperatures much higher than freezing. Massive ice castles protrude from the endless watery horizon, citadels shielding us against our squid overlords. The castles are cut from lazer. The same lazers we use to defend ourselves against the squids has also been altered for our creative purposes. I am a lazer furniture designer – the last of the true artisans.

Sometime in the 2700s humans began to perceive eachother as pure energy and art was no longer necessary, everything one ever could or needed to express was already visible to our naked eyes. We the furniture designers have developed an advanced system of lucid dreaming which takes us into the dark infinite regions of inner space. The images we bring back from these strange places are carved with lazer and sat upon, or have coffee rested upon. Some of us never come back.



Music: Duran Duran Duran
Illustration: Christopher Wright




Galaxy Train 2999




They’re going to the Pluto.
A place there that was more beautiful than the earth.
but there is no sound,,,no music world.
We are enjoying the last party(in earth).
dancing,,,singing,,,,,big sound,,,great beats!
Everyone enjoys music in the train.



Music: Milch of Source feat. EeL
Illustration: Manuel Lariño




Escape From Hunahpu




Yesterday, a police cruiser was discovered outside the capitol city Hunahpu. No official statement has been released. According to local sources, it was in pursuit of a fugitive scientist wanted on charges of unauthorized atmospheric terraforming. Sources report that wreckage from the cruiser was marked by blaster fire. The fugitive remains at large with Cabrakan forces on high alert.



Music: San Jaya Prime
Illustration: Tim Luncsford








Imagine devices distorting space-time with a single turn on a pitch-bend control button, midi-controllers playfully bending time and space as if they where sound waves ready to be stretched, cut, reshaped.



Music: Phollox
Illustration: Jeffrey Agussoekarno








The future on earth, as i see it in 2999, is a very different place than that of today. War was inevitable and we as humans are on the verge of total extinction. This happened because we lost the war to the greatest enemy of all, ourselves.

However, the few people left will eventually find a way to survive and thrive by working together for the greater good. From this group of people will emerge some of the most brilliant, peaceful, and artistic minds in the history of human civilization. Their motto will be: “This is not the end, This is the beginning.”



Music: Scrambled Mache
Illustration: Maximyz








In 2999, along with the four known natural seasons, because of the pollution and the exhaustion of the resources, planet earth “created” a new season called…the FLOODING.

Following the summer, the flooding is a mini apocalypse with the purpose of cleansing and refreshing the planet. Even if the humans have survived and managed to face the flooding using an underground shelter and advanced scientific technology, this is and will remain the nightmare of all humanity.

The song marks the ending of the summer and the immediate coming of the flooding…therefore there is a small intro there that symbolizes the summer vibe.



Music: Contorsionist
Illustration: Joel Kimmel




The Big Head




Although very evolved, only small communities exist around the world. Fallen cities seem to be the most common sight around all parts of the planet. In some of these areas, strange humanoid creatures surfaced, only known as “the big heads”. Little is known about them, they somehow seem to be connected to all the wars and the Great Rage of the past hundreds of years.

This song is taken from a series of documentary-type films following the creature’s daily actions.



Music: Mountain
Illustration: Holm




Medias Panter




In the future we will understand how everything is connected.
We will be able to experience life as an individual being and at the same time as a small part of it all.
It will be something very natural for everyone.
And the universe all together roars like a panther.



Music: Pacheko
Illustration: Inkclear








I envision this as a journey, from the aspect of a modern day human. This being is taken, not to be harmed, but to be taught, to another world/universe existing in unison with our own, however this world exists in the future. The human sees and hears many new sights and sounds. The human cannot manifest emotions equal to the experience he is having, he does not fully understand what is taking place, but he enjoys it and feels at ease. In this universe, time is free flowing and has no rules, hence the title 10:84.

10:84 represents the idea that there could be any amount of minutes in an hour, or hours in a day, or days in a year, or years in a lifetime; the basic principal is that time, in this universe, is relative to each individual. There is no overarching world clock that keeps everything on the same pace, the creatures and beings in this universe exist in their own consciousness and space/time.



Music: Brownbear
Painting: Meghan Hildebrand




I Am Analog




Future doesn’t matter, I am analog.



Music: Krumble
Illustration: Shawn Kinsey




Crystal Springs




So my submission is called Crystal Springs and is an audio story about the second ice age. The Earth has been cleansed of most of the Xander known as man.

The world is now a frozen wilderness populated by polar bears, sea creatures and contemporary ice lizards.  There are still pockets of cave dwelling ice aged human tribes, but technology has taken a backseat to survival, and most of their time is spent in meditation and prayer.



Music: D-Program
Illustration: Phillip J. Freer








In 1000 years as usual, will man live as a slave of woman’s beauty in every day of sweet hardship…?  I want you to be so.



Music: Satanicpornocultshop
Illustration: Benjamin Phillips








In 2999 the Earth is slowly beginning to recover from the damage wreaked in the early part of the millenium.   Large swathes of cities – most streets, markets and other areas that would once have been in the open air, are now covered to avoid harmful rays from the sun, since there is little in the way of an ozone layer,  and town planners are forced to build down, rather than up, with surface level glass ‘windows’ miles across allowing plenty of light into the new underground settlements.  It’s a temporary measure, imposed by the global government, which has banned any ‘outside’ building until the environment has finished recovering.  The mission to find outside intelligent life has been successful, and thus, perhaps inevitably, there is a small colony of really hot female aliens living on Earth, while manned missions regularly bring back cultural and scientific artifacts from other galaxies to study.

Food and resource wars have largely died out, as gigantic, ugly but useful desalination plants, unmanned farms and solar panels now take care of people’s basic needs, leading to a healthy but restless populace, who as a result have plenty of time to indulge in culture and the arts, for instance strapping on a protective suit, taking a camera and wondering around the ruins of the 20th, 21st and 22nd centuries – centuries that are now lauded for their unusual, quaint approach to architecture, culture and society.



Music: I.D.
Illustration: Michael Anderson




The Age Of Crickets




In the end there won’t be Fox news or Starbucks, or even governments or social norms. It’s just gonna be the insect world. They already out number us and they are built to survive. It’s gonna be the Age Of The Crickets.



Music: Jason Forrest
Illustration: Zoë Sadokierski




Steel God Creation




At the beginning of the twenty-first century we created sentient machines, capable of developing themselves further. Social structures and governments as we know them today slowly perished as the machines ascended. At some point we lost control. The machines separated from us, became hostile and then literally bombed us back into the stone age. Then they vanished.

When they returned after decades the few surviving humans were torn apart in anarchy. The machines united humanity, with the intent to play god – thus adapted apotheosis.  And we praised them, honored them – thinking we were the creation of the steel god.



Music: Apotheist
Illustration: Utkin







It’s the year 2999 and we have virtual pets with virtual owners. The lines between life and death have been blurred to the point that one actually crosses each other. The dead pets are now babies and their pets are the babies which gave them life in the beginning. We often find the owners dressed up like fuzzy creatures to resemble their pets. They no longer can have children because they never die. Instant life is instant death. We put the cat back in the bag to cure its curiosity.



Music: Mochipet
Illustration: HR-FM




Super Antihistamine



Most people try and stay indoors as much as possible.  The air is thick with every possible airborne allergen, on some days the visibility is so bad they won’t let you drive your car.

Outside my window it looks like a slow-motion sandstorm but I know I have to go into the office today.  It’s rare for the boss to request a face to face meeting unless it’s for some big punishment or reward, so I brace myself and open the medicine cabinet.

I pop two capsules of  a generic antihistamine and leave the house.  After 15 minutes everything turns into a dream, it feels like I’m swimming through the haze, the flakes of skin and bits of mold and pollen look like iridescent snow.  I can’t stop smiling! There’s barely anybody out, but the few people I pass seem to be in a similar giddy state.  My nose is running and my eyes are tearing.  I can’t even imagine how bad it would be if I hadn’t taken anything.



Music: DNTEL
Illustration: Oyra Oyra




It Came From The Stars



A materializing spaceship firing scintillating arpeggios at an indefinable nomad, a sanskrit mirage of a metropolis, a sky with an atmosphere so sulfurous the sun is a hazy impression, and moons standing in euclidean symmetry orbiting a drama with no witness.


Music: Max Echo
Illustration: Sergey Maidukov




Out Of The Unknown



For more than 300 years, humans explored space outside of the solar system. Planets have been colonized, science has reached a status where nearly everything is explainable.

This was the truth until 2999, when a new region in space was discovered. Lacking the presence of stars or material, this anomaly was simply called “the gap”. It was surrounded by a thick nebular, which wouldn’t allow any ship to scan it. Every ship or probe which engaged this area would never return.

Humans decided to build a permanent outpost at a respectful distance from the gap. In April 2999, the crew of the outpost sent a message which said, some strange vessel, which no one of the crew had ever seen, was heading straight towards the station. This was the last transmission from this outpost. The Vessel came out of “the gap”. Out of the Unknown.



Music: El Haijn
Illustration: T.Brown








A materializing spaceship firing scintillating arpeggios at an indefinable nomad, a sanskrit mirage of a metropolis, a sky with an atmosphere so sulfurous the sun is a hazy impression, and moons standing in euclidean symmetry orbiting a drama with no witness.



Music: Alphabets Heaven
Painting: David Schleinkofer







cover art by Steven Thomas