Fancy Mike


fancy_mike“The name comes from the fact that no other artist would ever describe themselves as being Fancy,” Mike Kleine says, “because it sounds so effeminate, you know?”

Fancy Mike was the first artist to brave an unknown King Deluxe just short of two years ago, making quite a splash with his debut Madison Square Gardner back in December of 2010, and in the process putting us on the map.  He followed that up with a remix album in 2011 titled Sigma Chi Primavera.  Since then he’s finished school, travelled, taught English in France for a year, shared the stage with some of his favorites (Self-Says, Shigeto, Roots Manuva) and taken part in all manner of adventure.

Add writing to that list.  While in Europe and cut off from his former life, he started putting pen to paper and authored his first novel, Mastodon Farm.  Of which one reviewer wrote… “You feel delirious reading Mastodon Farm. You freak out a little. You change genders. You listen to Tangerine Dream. You drive a Ferrari. You have a good time. You read it again. You read it again.”

Eventually though he returned home to the Midwest and was hungry to reinvent his sound.  He decided to take on a more minimalist approach… rather than layering 36 sounds on one track as before, he instead worked within restraints.  A major consideration was: could a 4-piece band play this song live?

He took this approach to every track on Mary B. James and the evolution from his debut is quite apparent.  And it begs the question… is this a stepping stone to something beyond, or has he found his sound?






Mary B. James Album – King Deluxe – 2012
Sigma Chi Primavera – King Deluxe – 2011
Madison Square Gardner – King Deluxe – 2011
Fantastique – Stereoptico – 2011

Year Two – King Deluxe – 2012


written word

Mastodon Farm – Atlatl Press – 2012






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