Horizon Glow


King Deluxe is very proud to present our fifth release, Horizon Glow, the debut EP from newcomer Option Command.  Fifteen minutes that will leave you wanting fifteen more.  Also with artwork from the talented Hollis Brown Thornton.







Australian beat caster Option Command (aka Martyn Palmer) tells a glitchy, stoney tale on the Horizon Glow EP. And while the horizon is certainly ablaze, it’s hard to tell if we’re tuning in at sunrise, sunset or some strange combination of the two. And we like it that way. At times, Horizon Glow reminds us of a slightly sedated Free the Robots (“Ellie Can Dance” or the EP’s climax, “Break Even”). While at other times, it sounds like Shlohmo on psychedelics (“Radio Echo” and the EP’s beautiful come down, “Horizon Glow”). Both of these are good things. Oh, an interesting trend here. As it turns out, Option Command hails from Australia’s Blue Mountains. Ring a bell? Earlier this week, we posted a killer beat called “Sleepless (f. Antony For Cleopatra)” by 19-year-old Flume, also from the Blue Mountains. Keep your eyes on this region. It’s heating up, or chilling out. Or glowing as it were…

The Downcast




Aussie producer Option Command aka Broken Chip drops a debut EP of warm, fuzzy and glitched IDM. His rhythm programming touches on lean D&B with ‘Polybell Strategy’ and craftier, splashy Hip Hop for ‘Broke Even’ and tipsy styles reminding of Blue Daisy on ‘Radio Echo’, all with a smart grasp of interesting texture and dense/spacious rendering.

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In what I will file under ‘how in the?’. As usual, between all the emails I receive and send myself, I also try to get @ everything in time – as much as possible.  A Canadian indie King Deluxe has released an EP from an Aussie cat Option Command. The Horizon Glow EP has just dropped and we’re treated to music much created in the spirit of commands, codes and compiling. Horizon Glow EP is a dedication to the true defender of digital, believer of the 8bit beat and slow synth sound though sequenced with that one intangible: soul. Drawing comparison to an early melodious Cupp Cave, Option Command compiles 6 tracks in what is sure to be the 1st of many more synthphonies to come.

- 92bpm




It’s been a while since I’ve posted a King Deluxe release and I’m more than happy to break the silence with the Option Command debut Horizon Glow EP. Glitched out summer evenings and pixelated glasses of lemonade are a given on this tape, where King Deluxe’s newcomer paints some bubbly 8-bit jams that sometimes bleep and bloop themselves into a more ambient atmosphere. This is definitely a chill little album, where the only real thing to do is press play and go for the ride. Check out their dazzling track Ellie Can Dance and feel free to snag it at the download. *Sidenote: Also make sure to peep the guy who did the cover art Hollis Brown Thornton, he has some ill artwork.

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At this very moment in time I believe Option Command a.k.a Martyn Palmer stands as a serious force when it comes to making amazing beatscapes. Not to long ago he dropped the Horizon Glow EP on King Deluxe, which housed amazing pixelated jams like Break Even, and now with this newest soundcloud drop I think it’s more then acceptable to say keep your eyes on this guy. Windmills holds that laid back evening glow that his latest EP had, plus we get to see him put vocal samples to use (something which Horizon Glow was pretty much free off). Definitely vibing with this beat, check it out…

- Headnodz



Australian producer Martyn Palmer aka Option Command recently released his EP entitled Horizon Glow. The carefully crafted masterpiece comprised of warm glitchy electronics seems to come together effortlessly through careful manipulation of Ableton, a Roland SP-404, Korg Kaoss Pad and Korg Microkorg. His various skills and interests ranging from photography to fungi and chopping firewood serves as an external source of inspiration. You can stream the entire EP below. Also be on the lookout for his ambient music project as Broken Chip.

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If Monday is the day where we are drawn towards hopeful simplicity then Tuesday is surely the day where we begin to search for a reboot. Punch our fists down on the restart button and/or through the face/s of our lover/s. The day where we are rejuvenated with energy, drugs and tea, giving us the required power to commence the planning process on how to waste away the hours of the impending weekend. Helpful then that here we have some perfectly sliced-n-diced beats, courtesy of Blue Mountains’ glitchy soundscaping voyagerist Martyn Palmer (aka Option Command aka Broken Chip). Built around awkwardly perfect transitions from schizophrenic sharp twists to wide open motherboard plains, this is music designed for hastily organised naked saddle-back treks on electronic donkeys. Awakening all twelve of your sensors, frazzling your brain and grinding away your inattentive day-dreaming gazes. Break Even features on Palmer’s new EP, Horizon Glow, which is out now via Canadian label King Deluxe and available in 192kbps format for FREE, as well as in high-quality 320kbps for a Sneaky American Fiver.

- Polaroids of Androids




The fifth official release from one of our favorite projects, King Deluxe, is Horizon Glow, the debut EP from newcomer Option Command.  Fifteen minutes long and full of glitchy, neurotic, paranoid and blissful clips, claps and clicks … Trust us, this kid is pretty great.

The Culture Of Me



While Blue Mountains-based electronic producer Martyn Palmer has been previously known for his ambient explorations as Broken Chip, his new alias Option Command sees him delving into devolved left-field hip-hop structures distinctly informed by the newer LA school such as Flying Lotus and Daedelus. This debut download only EP release on King Deluxe ‘Horizon Glow’ offers up a first taste, though it’s something of a tease, with its six tracks packed into just 15 minutes of running time. If ‘Polybell Strategy’ opens proceedings with a Cosmogramma-esque wash of skittering polyrhythmic percussion, detuned sounding instrumental samples and sudden, headspinning stutters and spinbacks, ‘Ellie Can Dance’ sees Palmer getting more delicate and tentative as shortwave radio squiggles and a dense rain of burbling melodic synth bass textures ripple against weary-sounding hip-hop beats, the entire seemingly on the verge of falling apart as it shudders towards its conclusion. By comparison, ‘Break Even’ brings the rhythmic snap back as contorted drum breaks flex against showers of bright gamecore synths and icy bass tones, before the hypnotic ‘Radio Echo’ takes things drifting out into a wash of drifting, detuned analogue synth warmth that’s closer to the likes of Oneohtrix’s VHS-hued wanders. Intriguing stuff that teases with its comparative brevity

Cyclic Defrost




horizon glow from option command. in a seemingly endless sea of music that fits all in the same uncategorizable genre (how does that work?) – this release floats on the surface.

- Low Indigo




Standing on the rooftop the wind caresses my face, tantalisingly, seductively, slowly breathing fresh life into me from distant northern lands. But anticipation grows; a strange concoction of what is to come and what we could have prevented. Clouds roll overhead; big, grey giants that block the sunset and promise nothing but destruction. Tumbling, they move forward, a giant grey army marching for a single mission. All at once there’s mutiny in the ranks and in one divine movement the comrades split and dissolve. Now a peaceful pink and gold stream shines down on me and I smile up at the heavens.

- East to West




Beautiful ambient work from the Blue Mountain’s Option Command, also known as Broken Chip. It’s hard to write about his music without talking about the place it was made – beyond the outskirts of Sydney, in amongst the tall trees, where the fog rolls heavy on a crisp winter morning. It’s lovely stuff which side-steps it’s own swagger and sits in a place between Pantha Du Prince, Teebs and a Vespertine-era Bjork instrumental.

- Liquid Electric




Assembled using Ableton, an SP-404, Kaoss Pad, and Microkorg, Palmer’s effervescent Option Command tracks make one feel like one’s stepped into a pulsating, light-streaming video arcade. In “Polybell Strategy,” beats ricochet like billiard balls and whirring electronics stutter like chattering monkeys, while the “Ellie Can Dance” title might be true, but the slow and stumbling lope within the track itself suggests the dance is a severely inebriated one. “Radio Echo,” by comparison, unfolds more clearheadedly in a smooth, dubstep-like flow; the downtempo “Break Even” couples a lurching dubstep groove and flickering 8-bit electronics; and the title track chills the pace for a becalmed yet nonetheless radiant ambient outro. The EP’s fifteen minutes flash by quickly, and it wouldn’t be overstating it to say that one leaves the release wanting more from Option Command, not less.

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Option Command (who has previously released gorgeous music under the name Broken Chip) hails from the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. Where his former project often focused on texture and mood, Option Command is a more beat-oriented project. Break Even sounds like playing Atari in a canyon, and is a good blend of the two musical personas. Both are worth checking out.

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Blue Mountains producer Option Command (aka Broken Chip) serves up some super smooth, off beat electronica with this track taken from his Horizon Glow EP.  Out through Canadian label King Deluxe, and clocking in at only around 15 minutes, this EP is a short one but when it sounds like this we can’t be too disappointed.

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We were impressed earlier this year with Australian beat caster Option Command’s King Deluxe records debut, Horizon Glow (stream it). It’s a pretty rad collection of stoned, glitchy beats and pixelated psychedelics where you’ll find a very cool song called “Polybell Strategy”, which just got the video treatment.
As we’ve come to expect from videos delivered by King Deluxe Records, forward-leaning sounds mix with retro imagery in a very odd, soothingly anachronistic package…

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