Julien Mier


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Julien Mier is a graduate from the School of Arts & Technology Utrecht, Netherlands, and now applies his craft obsessively as both a sound designer and an instrumentalist. He loves combining found sounds with found objects to create what he describes as “a cascade of melodic, textural and rhythmic content. To use fragments which have no existence on itself, the composition is my instrument to blend useless musical words in a meaningful way.”

He first made his introduction on King Deluxe in 2011 when he remixed Evy Jane’s “Sayso”, and then a year later allowed us share his EP ‘When Will You Wake Up?’ with what proved to be a very willing audience. He’s also becoming a sought-after performer, having since shared the stage with the likes of Plaid, Lone, Boxcutter, and Daedelus.

Now with the release of his follow-up, the remix-centric ‘When Will They Wake Up’, Julien has begun focusing his efforts on his first proper album, due out in 2014.






When Will They Wake Up (12″ and digital) – King Deluxe – 2013

Jane’s Junkyard  – Lowriders – 2013

When Will We Wake Up?
– King Deluxe – 2012
The Galaxy Twitch EP – Shipwrec – 2010

Siamese Burn EP
– King Deluxe – 2013
“Siamese Burn (Julien Mier Remix)”

Year Two – King Deluxe – 2012
“Glorious Pencil Drops”

Evy Jane – King Deluxe – 2012
“Sayso (Julien Mier Remix)”






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