For our sixth release King Deluxe presents debut album from Vaetxh… two original tracks, “Mass” and “Clipper”, plus remixes from Woulg, Culprate, Subjex, Circuit Bent and Dead Fader. All of whom explore the title’s theme with gigantic, complex, bass-heavy productions.  Complimented by the incredible animation above from Henning M. Lederer.

Every copy of Mass gets its own unique, individual artwork, based on the generative code you see in the background here, created by Vaetxh himself.  Just contact us with proof of purchase and we’ll send it your way.






Disembodied, glimmering melody floats above a warped wave of glitchstep (slow-stomping, sputtering electronica) on Vaetxh’s Mass. (By the way, it’s pronounced “vay-tex”.) It’s a strange, sometimes hypnotic collision. The melodies created by Bristol sound architect Vaetxh (aka Rob Clouth) for Mass inspire bittersweet memories as the warped bass, choppy samples and thumping beats portray a sincere desire to forget.

Mass is basically a collection of two songs, “Mass” and “Clipper” (stream them below), deconstructed in a series of remixes. Since the haunted melodies marking the originals remain, Mass ends up feeling like one long (30-minute) song. But due to careful pacing (beats range in mode from manic to space-lounge), the album doesn’t get stale.

Speaking of keeping things fresh, every copy of Mass features custom cover art, thanks to a visual code generator you can see on display at (record label) King Deluxe’s Mass page.

Standout Tracks: The original versions of “Mass” and “Clipper” are pretty killer. But stay tuned for the deep-space, slow-drifting Subjex Origamix and Circus Bent Circus Tent remixes of “Clipper” on the second half of Mass.

The Downcast


Heavyweight Industrial Glitch-tronica, backed up with remixes by Culprate, Subjex, Dead Fader and more. Impressive dynamics on display with ‘Mass’, a restless and complex piece of metallic IDM mechanics, and equally the Dubstep/Garage lurching ‘Clipper’. Of the remixes, make sure to check the old-skool Vex’d styles of Subjex’s origamix, and Dead Fader’s trippy Dubjazz overhaul of ‘Mass’.

- Boomkat



Checkout this awesome visual experience in the latest video from one of the up and comers off of the King Deluxe label; Vaetxh.

He’s got one of the most engaging and innovative videos that features a clock ticking away as layers of sound build up the sound as the layers of different sounds begin to come in. The track builds and grows it’s “mass” until the monumental glitchy drop takes you into a mad scientist type alternate realm. There are so many different things to look at in this video, it’s easy to get sucked in as you follow one image as it morphs and changes with the beat.


The visuals for this video were done by Henning M. Lederer, who has done other videos in similar styles, but this is by far my favourite. He’s got a bunch more on his vimeo account though, check em all out here.

While a little on the progressive and glitchy side, this track is unique to it’s own so crank up the speakers and allow yourself to get lost in this amazing video.

- Dubselekta


Made to promote the debut album from Vaetxh entitled Mass, on Canadian label King Deluxe remixes by Dead Fader, Culprate, Woulg, Circuit Bent and Subjex. Well they say album, this release totals 7 tracks with 2 being original Vaetxh tracks and the other 5 remixes from the above artists although we’re not complaining. This is a visually stunning video, monochrome and hypnotic it’s style compliments the finely produced industrial bass electronica of Vaetxh…

- Null+Void

The material gathered on Vaetxh’s Mass finds Clouth drawing upon Autechre and Aphex Twin traditions and updating the results with a bold sensibility informed by dubstep, funk, and hip-hop. In the title track, we’re first exposed to a writhing, even strangulated series of hyper-complex rhythmning that recalls Autechre at its most intricate, but then a gentle melodic figure appears that reveals there’s room for warmth in the Vaetxh universe. “Clipper” is equally glitch-laden but even more intricate in design, with this one as rhythmically twisted as a Möbius strip, though once again Clouth warms the machinery with soothing melodic elements. Mass could’ve been issued as a two-track single, but appears instead as a longer release with the two originals augmented by remixes from Culprate, Woulg, Circuit Bent, Subjex, and Dead Fader, two of the title track and three of “Clipper” (also available as a bonus track is a thirty-two-minute mix that stitches the album’s parts into an uninterrupted whole). Definitely worth checking out are Subjex’s “Clipper” makeover, which slams with a hellacious dubstep crush that’s heavier than anything else on the EP, and Circuit Bent’s jaunty wobbler treatment of same. There’s an abundance of off-kilter whirr-and-click on Mass, and you’ll feel like your head’s spinning during most of it.







Despite a huge Soundcloud following, Vaetxh aka Rob Clouth has somehow managed to lurk stealthily under the radar. It wont be long until Bristol’s best-kept secret is out though; slices of Binaural recordings, Processing patches and razor sharp synths are hand-stitched together into intense tracks where sounds practically leap out of the speakers at you. Yes indeed, Rob is one of the lucky few who manages to be both a talented musician and a gifted engineer at the same time. Mass is his latest work, taken from an EP of the same title on King Deluxe Records. The track opens with 80′s sci-fi synths and a ticking time-bomb of a beat, the tension mounts higher and higher until the track detonates into thundering glitch-step. An aftermath of haunting melodies and lofi beats ensues, bringing things nicely to a close.

The EP also features remixes from Woulg, Culprate, Subjex, Circuit Bent and Deadfader, all of whom provide their own interpretations of the theme’s complex, bass-heavy production. Each download comes with unique art, based on generated code created by Rob himself. Make sure to watch Henning Lederer’s video for the track and then head on over to to check out Rob’s software endevours (including some really interesting Processing patches) followed by his other monkiers, Dr:oid and Ither.

- Darkfloor