Option Command


optcommThere’s a lot of magic happening in Australia at the moment, of which we may document more of in the future but for now let us turn our gaze to the Blue Mountains.  Where Martyn Palmer as Option Command is crafting digital masterpieces using Ableton, his SP-404, his Kaoss Pad and a Microkorg, intricate and haunting music we imagine must be inspired by a remote and harmonious lifestyle.

Marty plays the piano, loves photography and chopping firewood, rides a mountain bike, is fascinated by fungi, has a crazy cat named Ellie and is currently reading The Rest Is Noise by Alex Ross.  He also greatly enjoys field recording and makes ambient music as Broken Chip.






Horizon Glow EP – King Deluxe – 2011


Year Two – King Deluxe – 2012
“3000 Clones”

Year One – King Deluxe – 2011
“Muta – Carousel (Option Command’s Flying Horses Remix)”






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