We’re pleased to bring you the debut from Segilola Jolaosho, a London-based artist who here collaborates here with Kirk Barley, aka Bambooman, who many might recognize from his memorable release on Sonic Router in 2013, “Hollowed”.  Segilola herself has provided guest vocals on tracks by Occult & Congi, Mute Speaker, and others.

By day she’s a neuroscience postgrad who also works in the gaming industry.  However, of more interest to her is evolution, and writing poetry I’m told, and of course sound…

“‘Music is my life’ is very cliche so I think I’d go for ‘Music makes my life…’”







Somewhere Along The Line EP– King Deluxe – 2014


Occult & Congi – Autumn leaves / Same Kind + remixes – Deep Heads – 2014
“Autumn Leaves ft. Segilola”
“Same Kind ft. Segilola”


Mute Speaker – Post Block – 2012
“Gin Sin ft. Segilola”
“Vinyan ft. Segilola”