The Great Escape


They say History repeats itself. In the Year 2999 this is true. However it is not necessarily any specific events of our past that spin on this cycle, but the cultural traditions and expectations that give life to them.

In the same way a Blacksmith, shepherd or merchant might hand down his legacy to be entrusted to the generation below, in 2999 an Inmate’s child is born into an indisputable future behind bars, regardless of whatever the long forgotten family crime of generations ago was, its files long since burnt, perished or deleted.

This bastardized tradition works the same for those on the other side of the bars, born with a truncheon in the hand and a violent lust for elitism.

The only legacy the prison folk can pass on to their young is a Thousand years of anger and more than twelve Generations of inherited Escape instinct.

This track is dedicated to all those who will lose their lives to advance their family’s knowledge of their Captors, and the skills needed to attempt an escape.

Song by: Titus Twelve
Illustration by: Matthew Scheuerman